She Helped Her Brother Set Up To Propose To His Girlfriend And She’s Totally The Best Sister Ever

Serhii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting life events ever. Proposals become even more special when family members or loved ones are involved and help out!

One woman recently helped her brother propose to his girlfriend, and the video went super viral, probably because she put an amazing amount of effort into ensuring the moment would be perfect!

TikTok user Bec Sammut filmed herself transforming her brother’s living room into a sweet, romantic oasis so that he could propose to his girlfriend as soon as they walked through the door. 

Bec’s brother had a specific vision for how he wanted the room to look and sent Bec an example on Pinterest. 

“This is the vision,” Bec says in her TikTok video as she displays the Pinterest photo. “Let’s do it!”

Bec began transforming the room by blowing up a bunch of silver balloons that spelled out, “Will you marry me?”

She also blew up a bunch of pink and red balloons, tied them to white string, and taped them to the ceiling to make the room look extra magical. 

It’s worth noting that Bec blew up the balloons all by herself – without a pump!

Next, Bec lined just about every surface she could with small candles and lit each one. She then filled a plate with cute love-themed cupcakes that were decorated with pink frosting. 

Serhii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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