She Still Hasn’t Met Her Nephew, Who Was Born Two Months Ago, Because She Resents Her Sister-In-Law For Choosing The Same Baby Name She Previously Picked Out For Her Daughter

But, throughout her sister-in-law’s pregnancy, her brother and sister-in-law kept talking about three or four names they had picked out for their son. And not once was the name Cameron ever mentioned as a possibility.

“Even the day before her scheduled c-section, they were still torn between two entirely different names,” she recalled.

Yet, the day after her nephew was born, her brother and sister-in-law announced that they had chosen the name “Cameron.”

So, she felt both blindsided and completely disrespected. To her, it just seemed as though her feelings did not matter to her brother or sister-in-law.

Now, she did reflect on what they might have been thinking when they chose that baby’s name.

“I kind of assume their thought process was, ‘Well, she didn’t end up having a baby, so we can use the name,'” she explained.

Regardless of that, though, her brother and sister-in-law never bothered telling any family members about that plan before the birth of her nephew– presumably because they knew her parents would say something. After all, everyone knew she had loved that name for multiple years.

So, while she knows that she can’t exactly “reserve” a baby name, she just cannot understand why her brother and sister-in-law didn’t pick literally any other name. Or at least one of the names they had discussed for months.

Anyway, ever since that happened, she actually has not been in contact with her brother or sister-in-law. And quite frankly, she has no intentions of trying to reconcile the situation with her sister-in-law anytime soon.

“I previously thought of her as a best friend, and now I see her true colors,” she vented.

Due to all of the tension, though, she and her husband still have not met their nephew– even though he was born two whole months ago.

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