She’s Talking About 5 Of The Most Common Tourist Scams In Paris, In Case You’re Planning On Visiting

Ekaterina Belova - - illustrative purposes only

Paris, France, is one of those European cities that many agree every single person should visit at least once. It’s the city of love, known for its gorgeous architecture, history, art, food, etc. 

However, like any major city, tourists visiting the iconic city need to be aware of their surroundings. One TikTok user made a video about the 5 most common tourist scams to avoid while vacationing in Paris. 

Amanda Rollins (@americanfille), an American TikTok content creator who has lived in Paris for a while, says the first tourist scam to avoid is getting a “friendship bracelet” from a stranger.

Amanda says this scam most commonly occurs when people go to see the Sacré Coeur basilica in Montmartre. 

“As you’re walking up the hill to go to the top to see the basilica, a man will come up to you and grab your arm,” says Amanda. “They don’t usually ask.”

The man will then begin braiding some bracelet thread around your wrist, telling you he’s giving you a friendship bracelet, emphasizing that it’s a “nice thing” to do – especially if you protest. 

Then, before you know it, the man has created a bracelet around your wrist that he will charge you money for.

If you say no, the scammer will often have a group of his people surround you and argue with you until you pay.

As someone who had this happen to her on a trip to Italy, I know firsthand that it is incredibly annoying and invasive! So keep your wrists close to you when walking around popular tourist destinations. 

Ekaterina Belova – – illustrative purposes only

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