When She Goes Out To Eat With Her Friends, She Always Gets A Separate Bill, But Recently Her Friend’s Boyfriend Called Her A Selfish Cheapskate For Doing This

AnnaDemy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

As fun, as it can be to go out and share a meal with friends and family, splitting the bill can get a little hectic. It’s the worst when you go out to eat with a group of people and split the bill evenly even though you didn’t eat nearly as much as everyone else.

One woman has always gotten a separate bill whenever she eats out with her friends because of diet restrictions that lead her to eat less. But recently, one of her friend’s new boyfriend called her out on it and made her feel bad.

She’s in her 30s and loves to get together with a group of women she’s known since she was a kid. They meet up regularly and often go out to eat together. When they eat at a restaurant, her experience is always slightly different than the others. 

“I’m the only one who doesn’t drink, and I also have some food restrictions,” she said.

“This means that my meal is always the cheapest option, and I very rarely share a plate with the others, even if everyone else is eating sharing-style.”

Since she’s always eaten differently from everyone else in the group, as per her friends’ suggestion, she’s asked for a separate bill once they’re finished eating.

That way, her friends can split up what they ate together while she pays for the small amount she ate on her own. 

She’s been doing this for years, and no one in her friend group ever had an issue with this system until recently, when one of her friends brought her boyfriend, Aaron, out with them to dinner.

Her friend group tends to order a lot of food and drinks, so she didn’t think twice when Aaron indulged and got multiple drinks and dishes.

AnnaDemy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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