He Asked A Girl Out To Dinner, And Then She Proceeded To Show Him Photos Of The Eczema On Her Feet While He Was Eating

Kalim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re searching for a relationship or even a casual fling, dating apps are the place to look for modern-day singles.

The trouble with dating apps, though, is that every date is a gamble. You could meet someone cool, funny, and down-to-earth. Or you might come into contact with a weird creep. It could go either way, really.

One man named Brad (@bradvertisement) shared the story of his awful Tinder date on TikTok, and it’s a tough one to beat.

At times like these, though, it can be nice to know that you’re not alone. But Brad’s Tinder tale may make you want to delete the app, so beware!

Brad had been chatting with a girl for a couple of days, and they decided to get together for a bite to eat. The girl looked like she did in her photos, so things seemed safe at first. Until she started talking.

Without letting Brad get a word in, the girl jabbered on about how most of her family had been admitted into mental institutions due to schizophrenia. Then, she told him about watching her best friend die because he was drunk driving.

If you think that’s bad enough already, it gets worse. The girl went on to explain that if she got pregnant, she would not keep the baby if it was a girl because she didn’t want to raise a girl in our current society. However, if the baby were a boy, she would not terminate the pregnancy.

At this point, Brad went to the restroom to take a breather. As he stared at his reflection in the mirror, wondering how he had gotten into this mess, he contemplated ditching his date. But ultimately, he decided against it since he was the one who invited her out.

When the food arrived, Brad only managed to take a few bites before his date asked him if he knew what eczema was. Then, before Brad could refuse, she offered to show him pictures of eczema on her feet.

Kalim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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