He Divorced His Ex-Wife For Secretly Going On Dates With Other Guys, But Now She Wants To Get Back Together With Him

Viktoriia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 39-year-old man was previously with his ex-wife for eight years– four of which they were married.

After they tied the knot, they also had two children together– who are now 14 and 12-years-old.

But, about seven years ago, he and his ex got a divorce. So, they have been co-parenting ever since, each getting to see their children every other week.

Honestly, though, he admitted to still loving his wife. And he believes that the “sad truth” in their relationship was that she just could not stay away from any male attention she got.

Apparently, his wife has always been a very beautiful woman who gained male attention throughout her whole life.

“Men would always look when they walked by, and I used to think how lucky I was she was mine,” he recalled.

But eventually, he found out his ex-wife wasn’t just enjoying the attention; she was also entertaining other men on the side.

He even found texts on her phone on various occasions. Yet, he chose to let it go at the time because all of the flirtings had just been over the phone.

Later, however, he learned that his ex also allowed those men to secretly take her on dates or out to bars after she got off of work.

Viktoriia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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