He Left His Girlfriend For A Stunning Woman He Met On Vacation But Now He’s Missing His Old Life

oneinchpunch -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Last year, a 25-year-old man decided to go on vacation with his friend, and at that point in his life, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend.

He was dating his girlfriend for 3 years, and he considered her to be his very best friend. He did feel like he was in love with his girlfriend, but their relationship wasn’t so exciting to him anymore.

They never went on dates, and he realized that his girlfriend stopped dressing up and looking nice for him.

While he went on vacation with his friend, he basically forgot about his girlfriend and didn’t talk to her very much.

The majority of his vacation was in the Southeast part of Asia, and he and his friend thought it would be fun to go to a club one evening.

At the club, he was surprised to see that he and his friend were receiving a ton of attention from women.

One woman in particular, named Lia, really grabbed his attention, and he was smitten.

“She was STUNNING, literally a 10/10 and exactly my type,” he explained. “I couldn’t believe she even looked at me. We started talking, and I felt a connection almost immediately.”

“I took her number (yes, I felt bad about it, but I couldn’t say no), and we started talking. Her English was very bad, but somehow we made it work.”

oneinchpunch –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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