He Left His Girlfriend For A Stunning Woman He Met On Vacation But Now He’s Missing His Old Life

After that night, he took Lia out on the best date he’s ever had in his entire life. He did kiss Lia on their date, and the following day, he dumped his girlfriend.

“I felt like me and Lia were meant to be together, and I was so infatuated with her,” he said. “The fact that this beautiful girl seemed to genuinely like me.”

“She is much more attractive than my girlfriend, my gf was decently pretty, but nothing on Lia. I know that sounds mean, but that was just the facts.”

“My ex was absolutely devasted about the breakup and tried to get me back at first, but after a week, she stopped. She found out about Lia, and I think she had a really hard time for a while.”

He instantly began a relationship with Lia after letting his girlfriend go. They continued to spend 3 weeks with one another, and he got to meet Lia’s family while he was there in Asia.

He didn’t always understand Lia, and Lia didn’t always understand him, but they relied on a translating app.

Then, it came time to go back to the UK, and he began figuring out how to get Lia there with him. Although he did occasionally think of his ex, he was so busy being obsessed with Lia.

6 weeks ago, he was able to bring Lia to the UK to be with him, and although the beginning was wonderful, things aren’t so great right now.

Lia is homesick and having a hard time since she doesn’t speak a lot of English at all. Lia was planning to permanently stay in the UK, but it’s looking like she has changed her mind.

He’s finding himself missing what he did have with his ex-girlfriend, and he’s wondering if he really did have some kind of magic connection to Lia back when they were in Asia or if it was all in his head.

Do you think he should see things through with Lia?

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