She Met A Guy On A Dating App Who Waited 4 Dates To Reveal To Her That He’s Actually In An Open Relationship

nenetus -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old woman met a man through a dating app, and he is originally from Europe though he has been living in America for the last 3 years while he attends college.

She went on a first date with this guy back in December, and it went so well that they continued to go on 4 more dates together until he told her something shocking.

Literally, on their 4th date, this guy revealed to her that he is in an open relationship with a woman back in his home country.

He said sorry to her for not sharing that information earlier in their relationship, but sorry didn’t cut it; she was already very upset with him for not owning up to that.

She asked for time apart from him while she figured out her next move, but eventually, she met back up with him again in January to discuss his open relationship.

She learned that this guy began dating the woman he’s currently with around half a year ago, and this other woman was aware that he was moving to America (though it sounds like this woman may not be aware of her man being in an open relationship).

Then this guy informed her that his existing love interest was going to be visiting him in America in a few weeks.

She pointed out that she wanted to stop spending time with him or talking to him while his love interest was visiting, but he did agree to respect her wishes, though he seemed saddened by it all.

It’s now been a month since she last laid out her wishes to him, and she cannot stop thinking about the guy even though she has not spoken to him since.

nenetus –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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