He Realized His Brother Is A Bum After Moving Into Their Inherited Childhood Home Together, And He Isn’t Sure What To Do About It

“My brother’s like a 12-year-old on an infinite summer vacation,” he said.

And while his brother does wash his own dishes and own clothing, that’s essentially all his brother does. At the same time, he takes care of most of the yard work and household responsibilities.

Whenever he rarely asks for help, he claims that his brother does pitch in. Still, his brother procrastinates getting anything done– which pushes him to just finish the tasks by himself. Or else it would take forever to get things done around the house.

In addition to primarily taking care of the house, he has been paying for all of the utilities and food, too.

He has instructed his brother to apply for SNAP food stamps. That way, his brother could at least purchase his own food.

However, his brother wound up refusing after finding out that their home state would require him to apply for jobs since his brother is also an able-bodied adult.

“My brother has no driver’s license and no car. He rarely leaves the house, and the few times he does, he either asks me to take him or he uses public transportation,” he explained.

On top of that, his brother has virtually no social life aside from talking to “online friends” and their neighbor– who offered to help get his brother a job. His brother also does not have a girlfriend and has not been on a date in years.

For all of these reasons, he is pretty sure that his brother is depressed. However, his brother has not put any effort into getting help, and he doesn’t know what to do, either.

He realizes that both of their names are on the house’s deed and title, meaning that the home is his brother’s, too. So, throwing his brother out just is not an option.

He also doesn’t want to do that, either, since he cares about his brother.

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