Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her While On A Guy’s Golf Trip But Isn’t Even Trying To Save Their Relationship 

galina_kovalenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is 25, for seven long years. But recently, their relationship came crashing down after he went away on a trip and cheated on her.

Now, she claimed that even though their relationship had its ups and downs, she never once thought her boyfriend would be unfaithful. After all, they had been really happy lately.

Apparently, he is very close with her entire family, and she is very close-knit with his. She and her boyfriend even had a vacation booked for next month and had plans for their future.

“We have had seven years of memories and a future to come. I am broken,” she said.

The cheating occurred after her boyfriend went on a golf trip with some of his friends. And one night, while he was there, he reportedly told her that the hotel room was empty, no one else was there, and that he was just playing pool.

After he texted her sporadically, though, her boyfriend later stopped responding to her texts after a few hours. Then, in the morning, he just claimed that his phone had died.

Well, spoiler alert: that was far from what actually happened.

After the trip, she wound up finding texts on her boyfriend’s phone that revealed he had really been cheating.

It turned out that her boyfriend had met a 31-year-old woman that night. Then, sometime within 30 minutes of her conversation with her boyfriend, he managed to get the other woman’s number.

galina_kovalenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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