Her Fiancé Told Her She Needs To Grow Up And Focus On Paying Off Her Debts Instead Of Starting Her Doctoral Program

Dragana Gordic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Even if you feel like your partner is the love of your life and your soulmate, there’s a chance you’re not 100% compatible. Every couple has their own set of issues and can clash on various subjects. However, things get especially stressful when you and your partner are not financially compatible. 

One woman has been struggling with her fiancé after he started judging her for wanting to enter a doctoral program. 

She’s 33, and her fiancé is 35. They got engaged two years ago but haven’t chosen a date for their wedding yet, because he wants to make sure they have their finances “in order.”

Ever since the 2020 lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her fiancé has become obsessed with paying off their debts and insisted they become debt-free in the next few years. He’s been taking it very seriously. 

Her fiancé began taking drastic measures to pay off his personal debt as fast as possible. There was a period when he sold so much of their stuff that it started concerning some friends and family.

He also took on a second job and has been working non-stop. Before long, he was able to pay off around $60,000 worth of credit card debt within a year.

She hasn’t had as much of a chance to start paying off her debts, including student loans, car, and credit card bills. She’s working hard to receive her 2nd master’s degree and was recently accepted into a Ph.D. program she wants to attend. 

Since she’s already working so hard at school, she doesn’t want to take on any more work responsibilities like her fiancé so she can enjoy her free time by attending events and taking trips with friends.

In addition, although she’s accumulated a large amount of debt after she finishes her doctoral program in a few years, she’ll be making a much higher salary and can start paying it off. 

Dragana Gordic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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