Her Mom Cheated On Her Dad With Her Brother’s Friend, Who Is 19-Years-Old, And It Was A $300 Purchase That Tipped Her Dad Off To The Affair

Gorodenkoff - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 14-year-old woman’s mom and dad are currently 46 and 50-years-old, respectively. But, when her older brother– who is now 19– was just 7-years-old, her mom met one of his hockey friends named Will.

And even though her mom has known her brother’s friend, who is also now 19, since he was just a little boy, she recently did the unthinkable. Apparently, her mom cheated on her dad with Will!

The truth came out after her dad realized a random $300 item had been purchased by her mom from a website.

At first, he figured his wife had just bought him his favorite cologne– since it was the same site he always shopped on.

Two weeks after the purchase was made, though, he never received any cologne. So, he was confused and decided to ask his wife what had happened.

At that point, her mom wound up lying to her dad and claiming that she bought the cologne to give to her uncle.

“But he knew she was lying because she hates her family, and who would buy such an expensive item for a family member they don’t even like?” she said.

That’s why her dad became pretty suspicious and decided to do more digging. Then, once he eventually confronted her mom with evidence that she was having an affair, her mom admitted that it was with her brother’s friend Will.

Obviously, this news utterly broke her dad’s heart. Yet, she recalled how he tried to put on a “brave face” while he told her and her brothers.

Gorodenkoff – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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