Her Stepmom Told Her Stepsister That She Would Be Getting The Family Heirloom Engagement Ring, And It Sparked Massive Drama

Anastasia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this young woman was just 8-years-old, her mother tragically passed away. Then, just six months after the loss of her mom, her dad met a woman named Lucy at a support group for grieving widows and widowers.

Apparently, her dad and Lucy quickly hit it off, too, and immediately started dating after they met. At the time, Lucy had only lost her husband 11 months prior. Plus, the woman also had a young daughter named Maisie, who was just 7-years-old.

So, the pair wound up tying the knot, and their families were blended together. But, she revealed how she never, ever got along with her stepsister Maisie.

According to her, she and Maisie were just toxic together. And honestly, it makes sense, given the circumstances.

“Pretty sure the reason is we were two grieving kids, who lost a parent, struggling with the loss of said parent,” she recalled.

“And then our surviving parent marries the other’s, and suddenly, the stepparent is being over pushy and calling us their kid, and we’re not getting what we need from our actual parent.”

She claimed that Lucy was especially horrible with this, too. Apparently, her stepmother called her “daughter” before her dad even officially tied the knot with Lucy.

Plus, years ago, she learned that Lucy had been saving her engagement ring from her first marriage just for her.

But obviously, the ring was a family heirloom that Lucy’s parents had given to her stepmother’s first husband. So, she did not want it and told Lucy that.

Anastasia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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