Her Younger Sister Wanted To Travel To Japan To Visit Her For A Post-Grad Vacation, But Had To Cancel After Their Parents Tried To Take Control Over Where She’d Stay

Travel mania-, illustrative purposes only

In America, a lot of people choose to travel abroad and see as much of the world as they can after graduating from college. If they’re lucky, their parents will help and pay for some of their trip expenses. 

One woman’s younger sister wants to travel to Japan to visit her and have a post-grad vacation abroad but recently had to cancel her trip after their parent’s tried to take control over where she’d stay.

She’s 27 and moved to Japan a year ago for work. She’s enjoying it there and lives in a small apartment. She has a 22-year-old sister who has an upcoming graduation, and as a gift, their parents want to send her to Japan for two weeks.

Her sister was thrilled, and she decided to help her family by assisting with budgeting and planning the trip.

However, her parents had one condition – her sister was allowed to travel to Japan alone as long as she regularly checked in with her to let her know where she was. Her sister reluctantly agreed.

“In secret, I told her that she doesn’t need to tell her every move because she’s an adult and doesn’t need a babysitter,” she recalled.

“I really just needed to know that she was alive and not in jail or something. She was much happier with the arrangement after that.”

Her sister started making a list of hotels and Airbnb’s she would stay in throughout her trip, but her dad wasn’t happy with them. They all seemed too expensive, too sketchy, or too far from where she’d be walking around.

So, her parents asked if she could host her sister at her apartment for the two weeks. Then, her sister could use the money that would be spent on hotels on other things.

Travel mania-, illustrative purposes only

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