His Date Took Advantage Of Him Paying For Dinner, And Then She Threw Up In His Car

Akaberka -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Are you single or taken? Whatever your relationship status is, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a story about a date gone wrong.

TikToker Khalil (@khalilslife) is currently part of the singles club. He’s in his late twenties and has not yet found the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

And unfortunately, a date he went on recently has dashed all his hopes of a happily ever after. He even jokingly vows to stay single forever.

This date’s ending will shock you. So Khalil met up with a girl he matched with on Tinder, and right off the bat, things weren’t looking so good.

“Mind you; this is a daytime date. I don’t know how a date even goes bad at 4 PM, but it did,” said Khalil.

Like a gentleman, he picked her up and opened the car door for her. However, she barely talked during the entirety of the car ride.

Khalil asked all the questions and received one-word responses in return. When they arrived at the restaurant, he told her to order whatever she wanted and that he would take care of the meal because he didn’t believe in splitting the bill.

Looking back, telling her to get anything she wanted was the worst thing Khalil could’ve said. He ordered a steak, rice, and shrimp.

But on the other hand, his date basically ordered the whole menu, seemingly determined to take advantage of the free meal.

Akaberka –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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