His Girlfriend Is Best Friends With Her Ex, And He Doesn’t Know How To Cope With His Anxiety Over Their Friendship

But more recently, his girlfriend went with her ex to visit some of their old friends. And for some reason, the outing just did not resonate well with him, and he felt like she should have also been invited.

He wound up bringing his concerns up to his girlfriend, too and admitted how he felt pretty anxious again.

At that point, his girlfriend did apologize for not inviting him along and tried to reason that she only went with her ex since it was a practical travel solution.

But he and his girlfriend had discussed his feelings about her friendship with her ex before. So, while his girlfriend was understanding, she also became a bit emotional since she really did not know how to fix the situation.

On the one hand, his girlfriend feels bad that he is anxious about her friendship. But, on the other hand, his girlfriend also feels like she isn’t doing anything wrong. And he actually agrees with her.

Still, he is just unable to get past his anxiety.

“And even now, when days have passed, I still feel this in my chest like it is not solved,” he revealed.

Apparently, some of his anxiety does stem from past trauma. He was actually left on two different occasions by ex-girlfriends who got with guys that pretended to just be friends.

That’s why he realizes that there is a clear reason why he’s suffering from anxiety. And he wants to get to the bottom of it before he does anything stupid.

He has already started searching for a psychologist, but the waitlist for his first appointment is very long.

So, in the meantime, he’s been left wondering how to cope with the situation.

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