His Girlfriend Spent The Past 3 Years Keeping Her Mental Illness A Secret From Him, And Now That He Knows, He’s Not Sure He Can Handle It

“We went to the hospital to get her help, and she was given some medication, but it doesn’t seem to be working. We went on a vacation this holiday weekend, and she wasn’t the same person I would go out with before.”

He really doesn’t know what to do, and it’s making him feel terrible. On one hand, he truly is in love with her and pictured the rest of his life with her, but on the other hand, how she’s been behaving of late is more than he can realistically handle.

He’s left with so many questions, like will the girl he used to know come back? Was everything just a lie? If they have kids, will he need to be concerned about her hurting them, or will he need to worry about the kids having the same diagnosis as she does?

He’s honestly thinking that whatever it’s going to cost to properly treat his girlfriend might mean that they financially will never be able to afford a house or care for children of their own. He hasn’t shared this new information about his girlfriend with anyone except his dad, and his advice was to consider himself and the kind of life he’s now going to have.

“He said I wouldn’t be happy living like this for the rest of my life worrying and that I should move on,” he continued.

“I’m truly lost and haven’t been able to focus. I don’t want to leave her, I know that for sure, but I also don’t think I’m strong enough to put up with that for 40 years plus. I don’t know what to do, and I’m crying.”

How would you feel in this situation?

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