Last Night, She Asked Her Boyfriend If He Was In Love With Her, And He Told Her That He Wasn’t

DENNIS AGLASTER - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman has a boyfriend who is 26, and they have known one another long before they started dating.

They started out as friends, and things stayed that way for 8 years. But then, 2 years ago, they started dating.

Over the last couple of months, she’s been preoccupied with an accelerated program for nursing that she’s in, and that has been taking a toll on their relationship.

Her course load is incredibly stressful, and so their relationship has just been different because of that.

“I’ve tried to schedule time for us to spend together each week, and I feel like I’ve genuinely tried to be there for him even when I can’t be there for myself,” she explained.

“We went on a trip for Memorial Day weekend, and I still don’t feel the love from him like I used to. He’s told me I’ve changed, and he doesn’t like the person I am when I’m in school.”

“We’ve had many good conversations and have been trying to work through things. Physical touch is one of my love languages, and the fact that I hardly get it anymore, along with words of affirmation; I feel unloved.”

Well, last night, she finally decided to ask her boyfriend a major question. She asked her boyfriend if he was in love with her still at this point.

He didn’t answer her immediately. Instead, he took a couple of seconds to reply back to her.

DENNIS AGLASTER – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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