On The Second Date, A Guy Asked How Much She Makes At Her Job, But Then He Kept Asking Her Money-Related Questions

selenit - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman made it to a second date with a guy, but then he asked her something that she really considered to be a red flag.

Specifically, the guy asked her how much money she makes at her job, and she’s not sure if he’s just really preoccupied with money or if there was more to his question than that.

He did also say to her on their date that it did not matter to him what her salary was, since she does own her own car and home, so he believes she’s stable financially.

That was not the only money-related question the guy asked her, though. Before she even got to meet him in real life, he wanted to know if she was paid hourly at her job or if she had a salaried position.

Also, when he found out about what kind of a car she does drive, he clearly was pretty happy.

But, back to that second date; after he asked her about what she made, he stated he doesn’t understand why it’s strange to discuss that as a topic.

He then went on to touch her shirt and remarked it was thin, which led her to believe he was saying her shirt wasn’t high quality.

Then, after the date was over, he asked her on a phone call if she got a raise for “cost of living” each year, so again, he’s back to trying to figure out how much she makes.

“He told me he just wanted to be friends, but a few days later, we were on the phone for 2 hours, and he told me how much he makes,” she explained.

selenit – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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