She Broke Up With Her High School Sweetheart After They Left To Go To Different Colleges, But Then They Wound Up Getting Back Together, And Their Dating Story Is Really Sweet

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There is nothing quite like the romance you experience when you are young and in love. First kisses, slow dances at prom, holding hands in the school hallway – all those treasured moments are something that many people look back on years later with fondness.

It is widely believed that relationships kickstarted in high school never last, but this pair of high school sweethearts will prove you wrong.

Sorelle (@sorelleokoli) shared the timeline of her dating journey with her boyfriend on TikTok, and it’s actually a really sweet story.

It all started back in 2008 when Sorelle moved to his neighborhood. The first time they met was at a park between their houses.

In middle school, they were part of the same friend group. However, he was dating one of her best friends at the time.

Skipping ahead to sophomore year of high school, Sorelle recalls how he asked her to the homecoming dance. This was the pivotal moment that led to everything falling into place.

A few months later, he went to one of Sorelle’s dance performances, and after the show, he asked her to be his girlfriend.

“We dated all throughout high school. We were voted cutest couple, went on lots of cheesy dates, and won prom king and queen in our senior year,” said Sorelle.

Sorelle ended up going out of state to Chapman University in California, while her boyfriend chose to attend Washington State University. Because of the distance, they decided to break up.

gitusik – – illustrative purposes only

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