She Found Out Right Before Going On A Date With A Guy That He Was Actually Married

Igor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Navigating today’s dating world is hard. You have dating apps, meeting people at bars, people contacting you on social media to see if you want to go out, etc. It’s hard enough navigating the single people in the dating pool without the married people posing as singles.

One woman on TikTok named Dynah, who goes by @itsdynah, found out that the guy she was going on a date with wasn’t telling her the truth about who he was.

“You guys need to trust your gut. Let me tell you, I was about to go on a date right now, shoes on, ready to go on the date. And I ask this guy, ‘Hey can you call me, so we can solidify the details…” she said.

She apparently didn’t recognize the number he was using as his. She asked him about it, and he was like, ‘I don’t know that person.’

Apparently, the was enough of a shift in his tone of voice for her to take notice and look the number/caller ID up on Google. The information she found did not fit the guy that had asked her out.

This guy had been pursuing her for two years, according to one of the responses she made to a commenter on her original posting. So there wasn’t the shield of a dating app to cover anything about him.

He seemed to have left out one very important detail about his life while he and this girl were talking. What is that detail? He’s married and possibly has a kid.

“I googled him (the phone number). They’re coworkers. He’s married. I found their wedding pictures. And I’m pretty sure he has a kid,” she explained.

You would think that once someone was found out to be lying, they wouldn’t continue to stick with the story they came up with, right?

Igor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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