Her Daughter’s Cheer Coach Made Her Daughter Finish Practice Even After She Got Sick, So She Pulled Her Daughter From Their Next Competition, Forcing The Team To Lose

Artranq - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

A mom admits that she caused her 10-year-old daughter’s cheer team to lose a competition after her daughter’s coach didn’t seem concerned for her daughter’s health at a recent practice.

“So my daughter is a very gifted cheerleader. She can do skills meant for much older girls,” this mom started out by saying.

“She’s a flyer at our local cheer/gymnastics gym. She also has a very severe medical condition. I’ve told her coach that if she gets sick or faints during practice, she has to call me.”

Unfortunately, her daughter’s coach seems to believe that if one of the children passes out or gets sick, it means they’re working hard.

The coach never thinks this is a big deal at all, which is certainly worrisome. While this mom doesn’t agree with how the coach views this, she made it very clear to her that her daughter is not like the other children at the gym due to the condition she has.

Last week during one of the practices, her daughter threw up. The coach knew about it and never called her. Instead, the coach chose to handle it by having her daughter drink water and continue the practice.

Her daughter did reveal this when she got picked up, so she rushed her to a nearby children’s hospital to make sure she was alright. Thankfully, her daughter was, but she was furious.

“I called her coach, who basically told me she has a lot of kids and can’t cater to all their individual needs and that my daughter didn’t seem sick, so it wasn’t a big deal,” she said.

“I was really upset that she didn’t care at all. I might have forgiven her if it was just a mistake and she forgot, but this could’ve put my daughter in real danger, and the coach didn’t show any signs of remorse for her actions or willingness to call me next time.”

Artranq – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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