She Has A List Of Dealbreaker Questions, And She’s Wondering If She Should Ask Them All Before She Meets This Guy For A Date In A Few Days

rilueda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman met a 29-year-old guy on a dating app, and they have since been chit-chatting for a while.

Every conversation that they have had so far has been pretty surface-level, and they have not gotten around to discussing anything that she considers to be super crucial or “deep.”

This week, she has a date organized with him, and now she’s starting to wonder if she should ask her list of dealbreaker questions before she goes on this date.

What she means by dealbreaker questions is a list of questions she is seeking specific answers to. And, if the guy doesn’t answer her questions in a way that she agrees with, that’s a dealbreaker for her.

She hasn’t been on a date in quite some time, so she’s not sure if asking all of her questions on the first date might be a turn-off.

“I have no idea if he wants kids (I do), plans to settle or stay in Toronto (I do, and he’s not from here), what his goals are, his lifestyle, how he manages finances, etc.,” she explained.

“Personally, I would like to ask him these “dealbreaker” questions before I meet with him in person since I don’t like to waste time, but I’m afraid I may sound very controlling or scare him off, lol.”

She then said she wouldn’t exactly be heartbroken if she did ask him all of her dealbreaker questions, and she didn’t like his responses.

She would be ok with just walking away at this point, as she doesn’t feel too connected or invested in him just yet.

rilueda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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