She Moved In With Her 94-Year-Old Father After A Bad Break Up And Has Been Documenting Her Journey: Everyone Loves His Sense Of Humor And Awesome Oatmeal Recipe

Then, he adds three cups of plant-based milk to his oats, along with five quick squirts of flaxseed oil. 

“Don’t forget the honey,” Lillie’s dad firmly says as he adds a quick squeeze of honey into his oats.

Next, Lillie’s dad makes her laugh as he suddenly pulls out a massive bucket of extra virgin coconut oil and adds a big spoonful to his oats. Then, he turns on the stove and begins mixing the oats and other ingredients. 

Once the oats are cooked, Lillie’s dad adds a single serving to a bowl before mixing them with an extra splash of milk and adding some cut strawberries, blueberries, half a chopped-up banana, and his favorite topping, some chopped pineapple. 

Finally, Lillie’s dad sprinkles a few raw sunflower and hemp seeds on top of his oatmeal bowl before digging in. Lillie takes a big bite and approves the recipe, which she says in the caption she hated as a kid but loves now that she’s older!

Lillie’s dad points out that the one pot of oatmeal will feed him for five mornings unless she eats some too. Additionally, after some TikTok users expressed concerns over the oatmeal seeming expensive, Lillie’s dad added up the cost of all of his ingredients.

He concluded that his oatmeal costs approximately $2.91 a bowl.

“He feeds himself a natural, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, fiber powerhouse every morning,” wrote a TikTok user in the comments of Lillie’s video.

Would you try this superfood oatmeal recipe?


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