She Recently Had An Encounter With A Rude Woman At A Local Community Center, And She Ended Up Refusing To Help Her In Front Of Her Kids

Sergey Novikov-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

There is nothing worse than trying to play a game like basketball or volleyball and having to use a deflated ball.

One woman recently refused to let a woman use her pump to inflate a basketball for her kids at their local community center after she was very rude. 

She and her boyfriend often frequent their local community center, which has a few basketball courts. Sometimes they’ll go there on weekends to shoot some hoops and have fun.

The only issue with the community center is that their supplies aren’t the best, and they usually only offer up deflated basketballs. 

“You can remedy this by either bringing your own ball or your own pump,” she explained.

“Since I already have a pump for my bike, we usually just bring that and let other people use it too if they ask nicely.”

However, the other day, she had a run-in with someone on the court who wasn’t very nice.

She was playing hoops with her boyfriend when a mom and her two young sons arrived to play on the other side of their court.

The kids started playing but were having trouble because they were using one of the deflated basketballs. Suddenly, the mom walked up to her and her boyfriend and told them they “had” to give her boys a turn with their basketball since it was the only good one available.

Sergey Novikov-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

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