She Refused To Pay For Her Boyfriend’s Meal After They Went Out To Eat And He Rudely Destroyed Her Food Before She Could Take A Picture Of It For Her Blog

fotofabrika -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Do you know someone who believes your “phone eats first” when you’re out to dinner?

If you’ve never heard that phrase before, it’s what some ‘foodies’ say before snapping their obligatory picture of their food at a restaurant.

One woman recently refused to pay for her boyfriend’s meal the last time they were out at dinner because he rudely destroyed her food before she could take a picture of it for her food blog.

She has an Instagram account dedicated to posting pictures of food from local restaurants in her city.

“I don’t turn meals into a whole photoshoot production when I go out, but I like to snap a few photos of everything as it comes out,” she explained.

“I’ve got about 1000 followers, it’s just a hobby for me, but I have made friends with some other bloggers, and we like to go out and get pics together and try new restaurants.”

However, her boyfriend can’t stand that she takes pictures of food whenever they’re out eating and always makes a big fuss whenever she does. He rolls his eyes and intentionally messes up his plate using his fork before she can snap a quick picture.

It got to the point where she’d only take pictures whenever she dined with other foodie friends and wouldn’t take them in front of him.

However, money has been tight for her due to some medical bills, and she hasn’t been able to go out to eat as much as she’d like. So now, the only opportunity she gets to eat out is during date nights with her boyfriend.

fotofabrika –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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