She Screwed Her Dining Room Chairs To The Table After Her Kids Wouldn’t Stop Leaving Them In Places Where She Tripped Over Them

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Does one of your family members or roommates do something around the house that you consider a major pet peeve? 

One woman is fed up with her family after they keep moving around the dining room furniture to the point where she can’t move around her house properly. 

She’s 35 and lives with her two kids, her 13-year-old son, Mike, and her eight-year-old daughter. They live in a long townhome with a narrow floor plan that has a combined living and dining room.

In the townhome, she has a dining room table positioned adjacent to the kitchen doorway. Although the table can technically seat six, she only keeps four seats on the long sides of the table. 

“If any chair is moved to the ends [or] head of the table, it either blocks the stairs or the doorway to the kitchen,” she pointed out.

She’s explained this to her kids multiple times, yet her son always moves a chair to the head of the dining room table, making it nearly impossible for her to move around and serve food.

“I can’t get dinner to the table without squishing myself against a wall like a contortionist or waiting for him to get up and move,” she said.

They eat all their meals at this table, so when her son moves the chairs for every meal three times a day, it really gets on her nerves. Then, to make matters worse, her mother started moving the chairs to the head of the table closest to the kitchen anytime she visits, making it even harder for her to move around. 

No matter how often she’s asked her son and mom to stop moving the dining room chairs, they don’t listen. Finally, things came to a boiling point when she was sick the other night. 

gpointstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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