She Specifically Told Her Friend Not To Bring Her Dog To A Party She Was Hosting, But Her Friend Brought The Dog Anyway, And The Dog Ended Up At The Vet After Eating Her Plants

Kseniia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Do you know someone who takes their pet everywhere they go?

One woman specifically told her friend not to bring her dog to a party she was hosting, but she did anyway, and the dog became ill. 

She recently hosted a large garden party for many friends and their spouses. One of her friends, Suzanne, has a dog she brings everywhere. She’s not a big fan of dogs and has four cats, so she specifically told Suzanne that no pets were allowed.

“Anyway, my friend showed up with her dog,” she remembered.

“I told her that her dog was not welcome in my home or garden and asked her to please take her dog home or elsewhere.”

She returned to her party and assumed Suzanne had left to take the dog home. However, 15 minutes later, she saw that Suzanne was still at the party. They live far from each other, so clearly, she hadn’t taken the dog anywhere. 

To make matters worse, Suzanne had lost track of the dog, and it had been roaming around unattended for a while. She eventually found Suzanne’s dog in the garden, eating a bunch of crops and plants that her gardener had planted.

As a result, part of her garden was destroyed, as the dog had eaten many plants beyond recognition and dug a bunch of holes. 

She made Suzanne leave her party and didn’t hear from her until later that night when she called her in a panic. Suzanne demanded to know what plants her dog ate in the garden. However, she didn’t know, as she left everything up to her gardener.

Kseniia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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