She Wants Her Roommate To Replace A Special Bottle Of Wine From A Specific Winery After Her Roommate’s Friend Opened And Drank It

And even though Morgan realized the mistake not long after the bottle was opened, her roommate still thought it was fine to continue drinking the wine since she apparently said that she didn’t like wine in the past.

“What makes you think that made it ok?” she asked.

“I’ve said that before, yes, but this is literally the only wine I’ve ever enjoyed enough to buy a bottle of. I was saving it for a special occasion or maybe to share the next time my sister came to visit.”

But unfortunately, Morgan and the other friends drank nearly the entire bottle. So, there was barely even a glass of wine left.

That’s why she wound up telling Morgan that she expected a replacement. And at the time, her roommate agreed.

However, a few weeks later, Morgan claimed to have purchased another bottle, and it wound up being a generic bottle of regular wine from the liquor store.

It was at that point that she tried to explain how Morgan misunderstood her. She did not want any old bottles of wine. Instead, she actually wanted Morgan to get her another bottle of the exact same wine from her trip that Morgan had drank.

After her roommate realized what she expected, Morgan’s eyes reportedly became really wide. Then, her roommate started complaining about the fact that the winery was three hours away.

Plus, Morgan tried to say that her expectation was not fair since it was a friend who opened it– not her roommate.

Quite frankly, though, she wound up telling her roommate that she just did not care about that. After all, her roommate knew it was her wine. Yet, Morgan allowed everyone to nearly finish the bottle anyway.

“Morgan could have told her friend that it was mine, put it away, and told me about it, and I would have understood,” she reasoned.

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