She Went On A First Date With A Guy But Didn’t Sleep With Him, And Now She’s Sure He’s Avoiding Her Because Of It

Alexandr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old woman met a 33-year-old guy years ago while out at a bar. They both had a bunch of drinks and wound up kissing, though that was pretty much it.

Things never got more romantic than the kiss, and they became pretty good friends and talked from time to time on social media.

Then, she moved somewhere new and went 2 years without ever seeing him in person, but recently she moved back home.

Last week, this guy asked her out on a first date, and so she agreed.

“He was really nice, we went to dinner, he paid, and then we went to a bar to listen to some music with his friends,” she explained.

“Afterward, we went to his apartment and were watching TV in his bed. He didn’t try to pressure me into anything, but I could tell he probably wanted to hook up because of some body language, lol, but I just kinda ignored it.”

Although they had been friendly for years, she still didn’t feel as if she knew this guy enough to end up sleeping with him, so she didn’t feel comfortable going all the way.

She did kiss him a bit and then stopped.

It’s been an entire week since their date, and she has not heard a single word from him at all. She tried to text him something light-hearted, but his responses were super brief.

Alexandr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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