She Went On A Second Date With A Guy Who Took Her Back To His Place, Where She Discovered He Slept On The Floor With An Airplane Blanket And Shared A Bedroom With His 2 Roommates

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There’s nothing less appealing than a grown man who still lives like he’s in college. TikTok creator Nina (@ninadoesthemost) claims this is the best worst dating story you’ll ever hear.

Her first date with this guy was already somewhat questionable, but their second date confirmed he was basically a man-child.

So on their first date, he took her out to eat but didn’t order anything for himself. He had also just come from the gym, so he was looking pretty disheveled and sweaty. Nina was confused as to why he didn’t take a shower or at least change his clothes before meeting her.

One night, he invited her over to his house, which would be their second date. When she arrived, he didn’t like how she parked her car. He made her re-park it three times but still wasn’t satisfied, so finally, he just did it for her.

When they made it inside his place, he was in the midst of cooking sweet potatoes. He declared that his favorite food to cook was roasted sweet potatoes.

However, when Nina spotted the potatoes, half of them were burned because they had been chopped up into all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

He also had two roommates, so a total of three people lived in their two-bedroom house. Nina did not understand why a 34-year-old structural engineer needed two roommates.

And what was most baffling of all was the fact they had hung up a sheet to separate the bedroom into sections. His mattress was on the floor, covered with an airplane blanket. And on the other side of the sheet was his friend’s “room.”

While Nina was there, he had been eating a bowl of salad that was tucked underneath his arm like a football. The salad was drenched with a strong-smelling vinaigrette dressing, and he kept asking Nina to kiss him, which she, of course, declined each time.

olgahalizeva – – illustrative purposes only

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