She’s A Single Mom Of Three And When Her Roommates Threw A Party Without Her Permission, She Told Them To Move Out

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Did you ever have roommates that were party animals and always wanted to host gatherings at your place?

One woman is a mom of three and has roommates who threw a party without her permission. So now, she’s making them move out.

She’s 29 years old and has three little girls. Sadly, her husband passed away last year during an open heart surgery. She was left not knowing what to do, as she was always a stay-at-home mom and didn’t even have a driver’s license. 

“It was tough from every single angle, but in short, I needed help, so I decided to let my best friend Jesse and his wife Kim move into a spare room to help pay rent,” she said.

“I immediately went for my license and quickly got a job.”

She was able to get her life together within six months while her parents watched her kids, but she’s still been struggling emotionally as she feels like her family hasn’t had a moment to breathe and process their grief.

Living with Jesse and Kim was fine until they started encouraging her to let loose and start having some fun.

For starters, she is not interested in drinking or partying after her husband’s death because it makes her uncomfortable, and she has little kids to care for.

Additionally, because of some trauma from her childhood, being around adult men who have been drinking triggers her and gives her anxiety. She’s made it clear to her roommates multiple times that she does not want any of that happening in her house.

DC Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people












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