She’s Beginning To Believe That Her Husband Only Asked Her To Get Married So That She Could Be A Caretaker To Him And His Children

fotofabrika -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman met her 33-year-old husband 2 years ago, and they dated for 1 year prior to becoming engaged.

Now, on the very first date she had with her husband, he disclosed to her that he had children from a previous relationship.

As soon as she found that out, she was worried, especially since she never wanted children at all.

But, as things progressed between them, the fear melted away, as she thought he was a wonderful dad who did an excellent job as a parent. Things were pretty much perfect back when they were just dating.

“He took excellent care of the kids, cooked so I would have dinner after school and work (I’m in grad school and at the time worked a part-time job), kept his house clean, the whole 9 yards,” she explained.

“We also went on dates frequently, he would buy me flowers, get me wine or drinks, listen to my rants and excited stories about grad school, pay attention to my likes and agree whenever I’d say my cat or snake were so cute.”

Everything did change when she got married to him and then moved into his home. She ended up quitting her job, as his income was enough for them.

Then, her husband wanted to start a business, and she did all of the leg work on that. Additionally, she wound up doing all of the administrative tasks for her husband and basically ended up working for him.

She feels that as their marriage has progressed, their relationship has just fallen apart.

fotofabrika –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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