She’s Concerned That Her Friend Got Pregnant After Only Dating A Guy For A Couple Of Months, And After Sharing Her Worries With Her Friend, She Got Called Rude

Sanja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever made the mistake of expressing your opinion on something that had already been done? For instance, would you tell your friend you don’t like their new short haircut after they already cut their hair?

Well, one woman recently inserted her opinion at a bad time on a subject that’s a lot more serious than a haircut.

She’s 32 and has a friend that’s one year older than her. Her friend has been dating a 34-year-old man for a little less than six months now. 

“They seem super in love, but who isn’t at the start,” she said. 

She’s somewhat skeptical of her friend’s relationship. Although he seems nice and has a good job, she doesn’t think they’ve been together long enough to really know each other.

Recently, she was hit with some major news. Her friend took to Instagram to tell all her friends and family that she is expecting a baby with this guy.

She was very surprised and candidly told her friend how she felt via text messages. First, she told her she thought it was “stupid” of her to have a baby with a guy she hadn’t been with for long and scolded her for not being more careful.

Then, she told her friend she would support her if she wanted to not follow through with the pregnancy. 

Her friend texted her back and told her she was being rude. She said she loves this man and plans to keep and raise the baby with him.

Sanja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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