She’s Jealous Because Her Twin Sister Got A Sugar Daddy Who Has Completely Changed Her Life

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This 21-year-old woman has a twin sister. But, since they are fraternal twins, they don’t look exactly alike.

And growing up, this was always very clear to her. Apparently, she was always compared to her sister throughout her entire life, and it was obvious that people favored her sister more due to her appearance.

Still, for a long time, she detailed how the constant comparisons did not really affect them or “materialize” into any issues.

While in high school, they participated in pretty much the same activities. And now, they are attending the same university.

But, about a year ago, one thing did change in her twin sister’s life. More specifically, her sister got a sugar daddy.

Since then, she detailed how her sister’s whole life has totally changed. In fact, her sister wound up getting a fancy new apartment in the city and has even been traveling a lot.

So, she has been feeling seriously jealous.

“I feel crazy and bitter that she gets to do all of these things just because she is prettier than me,” she admitted.

And more recently, her sister also wanted to launch her own business. But, the sugar daddy even helped with that, too, and introduced her sister to some people who are now interested in investing.

gpointstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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