She’s Reenacting All Of The Amusing Things Her Toddler Does

Finally, in the last scenario, her toddler is pictured with a balloon tied to her pants, just as she had requested. When she noticed the balloon floating toward her, she inched away, screaming her head off.

But wait, there’s more. In a part two video, Lindsey continues with the reenactments. Her toddler can be seen trying to wink and snap at the same time while Lindsey praised her for her efforts.

Then, it transitions to a clip of her 2-year-old in the bathtub, screaming the Row Row Your Boat song at the top of her lungs and making the motions of rowing. In the midst of singing, she caught sight of her reflection and started smiling at herself.

Other funny things include diving face-first onto the couch, pretending to be angry, and apologizing while knocking over her brother’s toys.


Two year olds & people who’ve been over-served give off the exact same energy. ? #toddlermom #toddlermomhumor #parenthood #parentingtoddlers #fyp

? Funny – Gold-Tiger

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