His Girlfriend Ate A Bug While They Were Out On A Date, And He Isn’t Sure What To Think

Oleksandr Masnyi -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old guy has only been dating his girlfriend, who is 25, for about a month or so. And this past Tuesday, they decided to go out on a simple date at their local park.

Anyway, while they were taking a little stroll, he decided to casually mention how there were so many Junebugs around during this time of year. He also made a comment about how annoying the little critters were.

Afterward, his girlfriend completely agreed with him, too.

“But a little wholeheartedly,” he recalled.

On top of that, his girlfriend also claimed that the Junebugs were “flying mistakes” that needed to be “eradicated from the face of the Earth.”

And while he did not think his comment would get taken that far, he didn’t disagree with her.

Anyway, they kept hanging out in the park after that short conversation. Then, later that evening, he wound up catching a Junebug.

So, he thought it would be funny to throw the bug at his girlfriend. Right after he did that, though, his girlfriend’s reaction completely caught him off guard.

“She caught it, looked me dead in the eyes, and tossed it in her mouth like a grape,” he revealed.

Oleksandr Masnyi –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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