She’s Refusing To Be Her Parent’s Live-In Babysitter After They Found Out They’re Having Another Kid They Clearly Don’t Want

Gelpi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 16-year-old girl is currently an only child– a choice she thought her parents made long ago for a few reasons.

On the one hand, her parents found that childcare was ridiculously expensive after she was born. Plus, her mom enjoyed working so much that being a stay-at-home mother was not in the cards.

“I think another part of it was that they are not very natural parents and are pretty much entirely hands-off,” she added.

In fact, she and her parents never really do anything as a “family.” She also claimed that her parents are not super involved in her life.

Instead, they just pay for her– which is their “contribution” to her existence.

Anyway, that’s why her parents were always supposed to have just one child and be done. But, they are now expecting another child in October– which was a massive shock to everyone.

After finding out the news, she even overheard her parents having a discussion about what the heck they were going to do. And during that conversation, she heard her mom repeatedly refuse to take a lot of maternity leave or stay at home with the baby.

Instead, her mom admitted to wanting to return to work as soon as possible following the child’s birth.

On top of that, her parents were also complaining about how much childcare would cost when they worked. That’s when she wound up hearing her name mentioned, and she immediately thought to herself, “Oh hell no.”

Gelpi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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