These Mother’s Day Mocktails Are Friendly For The Whole Family To Enjoy

TikTok - @soberishmom

Are you preparing anything special for Mother’s Day? If you’re just looking to kick back, relax, and celebrate mom from the comfort of your own home, make this mocktail to sip on as you lounge around and enjoy the warm weather together!

Mocktails provide the same pleasant taste as a cocktail without giving you a headache the following morning.

And it’s kid-friendly for the little ones who always want a sample of what the adults are drinking.

A TikTok user who goes by the handle @soberishmom is sharing her three-ingredient mocktail punch recipe for Mother’s Day. The drinks are wonderfully fizzy and contain a hint of citrus.


  • 1 bottle of WithCo Hey Girl mixer
  • 1 to 2 bottles of dry cucumber soda
  • 16 ounces of pressed coconut water


Start by sprinkling a layer of purple pansies into an ice mold, then pour in some water and freeze it for four hours.

When serving punch, use an ice mold so there aren’t a bunch of small melting ice cubes watering down the drink.

Afterward, arrange a second layer of pansies on top and put it back in the freezer for four more hours. This ensures that the flowers freeze evenly and do not all float to the top.

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