While Sleeping Over At A Guy’s House, She Accidentally Went To The Bathroom In The Shorts She Borrowed From Him - - illustrative purposes only

As an adult that is in control of your own actions, one of the most embarrassing things you could do is go to the bathroom in your pants. That’s something usually reserved for little kids or older people.

It’s hard to play it cool after an incident like that, but one woman made it work. TikToker Jenna (@jennajean8) is talking about the worst thing that has ever happened to her at a guy’s house, and you guessed it. It involves going to the bathroom in her pants.

So about a year ago, Jenna was dating a new guy, and they were having a dinner of steak and cheesy pasta together. Jenna went to town on the cheesy pasta, basically eating the whole thing herself because her date “couldn’t do dairy.”

But little did Jenna know that she was lactose intolerant as well. Anyway, she and her new man ended up having a slumber party.

She woke up precisely at 6 AM, not feeling good at all. However, the guy’s bathroom was connected to his bedroom, and it didn’t have a door!

Jenna’s stomach was gurgling so loudly that she worried the noises would wake him up. And sure enough, it did.

Luckily, he was a morning person. Still oblivious to Jenna’s predicament, he announced that he was going to hop in the shower.

The second he was out of sight, Jenna sprang out of bed, found the nearest item of clothing, which happened to be his pair of shorts, and soared down the stairs to the guest bathroom.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the bathroom. After finishing up her business in the bathroom, she scrubbed the shorts in the sink. – – illustrative purposes only

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