He Tried To Come Up With A Thoughtful Date To Take His Girlfriend On, But When She Found Out He Booked Them A Fancy Hotel Room For A Night, She Screamed At Him

His girlfriend instantly called him and began screaming at him. She was livid that he decided to book a date night without asking her permission first.

She also said she was super disappointed in his plan and really unhappy about it. She then berated him for wasting his money on a dumb idea.

He and his girlfriend both make really good money, and the amount of money he spent on their date is not much more than what they routinely spend on dinner every night.

“It’s been now a couple of days, and she’s still angry at me, and I feel a deep void inside, I never expected this kind of reaction and started to consider I did something outrageous,” he said.

“I apologized already and canceled the whole ordeal, however, I can’t stop thinking about it and haven’t been able to sleep since.”

Do you think it was wrong of him to plan this kind of date without asking his girlfriend in advance?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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