Her Best Friend Never Hangs Out With Her Anymore Without Bringing Her Pre-Teen Daughter, So She Keeps Backing Out Of Social Events And Wishes They Could Get Some Alone Time

halayalex - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman met her best friend, Shelly, when they were just little girls. Since then, they have grown up together and remained best friends throughout their entire lives.

Both she and Shelly now have families, too. But, while she has all boys, her friend has all boys except for the youngest daughter. And Shelly’s youngest has actually started to present some issues in their friendship.

Apparently, her sons and Shelly’s kids all get along wonderfully. After all, they were basically raised as if they were cousins.

So, her family and Shelly’s family always do a lot of activities with all of the kids.

“The problem is when I want to spend time with just Shelly, she will bring her daughter without warning and say, ‘I thought we were having a girls’ night,'” she revealed.

“It feels underhanded and intrusive.”

According to her, Shelly has done this for numerous years, too. And every single time, it really gets under her skin.

Now, she knows that Shelly’s husband is pretty controlling and doesn’t really “let” her best friend go out much without her daughter. In fact, Shelly’s husband claims that her best friend needs to bring their daughter to “teach her to be a girl” since Shelly’s daughter only has brothers as siblings.

On top of that, Shelly’s husband believes that she and her best friend should not be doing or saying anything that they couldn’t do in front of Shelly’s daughter, anyway.

halayalex – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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