He’s Feeling Concerned After His Girlfriend Asked What He Would Do If They Got Married And She Decided To Spend All Their Money

Saksoni - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone lousy at budgeting and handling money?

One man became very concerned when his girlfriend asked him what he would do if she hypothetically spent all their money. It led to a very uncomfortable conversation for both of them. 

He’s 26-years-old and has been with his 27-year-old girlfriend for a year and a half. The other day, while they were playing a video game that involved sharing money, she asked him how he would react if she spent all of their money at that moment.

Because she was referring to a game, he jokingly told her to go right ahead. But then, his girlfriend asked how he would react if she was to do that in real life.

He asked her to elaborate, and she asked, “If we [were] married, what would you do if I spent all of our money, down to $0, on something for both of us without consulting you first?”

He decided to answer her honestly and told her he would most likely divorce her if she spent all of their money without telling him. 

His answer shocked his girlfriend, and she asked if he would at least talk to her or try to reason with her before filing for divorce. 

“I told her if she would make a massive decision on something that would affect both of us like that, that’s not someone I would want to be with,” he recalled. 

His girlfriend was unhappy with his answer, and things have been tense since their conversation. Additionally, he’s been concerned about how his girlfriend handles money since then and worries about their future together.

Saksoni – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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