His New Coworker Confronted Him For Treating Her Differently From The Rest Of The Office, But He’s Just Trying To Play It Safe After This Woman Asked HR To Give Everyone Harassment Training

“I’m not here to judge her or say she did the wrong thing. I don’t know what she experienced in [the] short time she’s worked here or at a previous job. I don’t know the kind of life she has lived or what she’s gone through.”

When he ran into his new coworker at a coffee shop, he behaved like the exemplary employees in the HR video. They had a friendly and short conversation before he went on his way. They ran into each other at the grocery store a little while later, and he did the same thing.

However, his coworker seemed to be put off by his more reserved behavior, even though he was doing exactly as HR told him.

While he’s been more reserved with the new employee, he’s continued to be more friendly and outgoing with her other coworkers. They have a history together and are a lot more “buddy-buddy.”

The difference in his behavior has bothered the new employee, who eventually confronted him and asked why she was more isolated from everyone else in the office.

“I told her I just don’t want anything to be misconstrued,” he explained.

“I’m doing what HR suggested. I’m obviously not going to give my coworkers I already have a bond [and] friendship with the cold shoulder to accommodate one new person. She said she agreed with everything we learned from HR, so I am just applying it.”

Should he be more personal with his new coworker, or is he being smart by following the rules?

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