Last Night While On A Date With A Girl, The Topic Of How Much She Would Want A Man To Make In Order To Marry Him Solely For Money Came Up, And He’s Worried Because He Makes Double What She Said

J-Project - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old guy met a 22-year-old girl, and he has been on several dates with her so far.

Things between them are going wonderfully, and he does have some concerns about their “timing,” but it’s not something that’s really a big issue for him. The timing just happens to be a bit outside of what he was hopeful about.

But anyway, yesterday night, he was on a date with this girl, and they were playing a game with questions they had to both answer.

“…One question was what would someone have to make for you to marry them for money,” he explained.

“Her answer was $300k and said her initial thoughts were $500k a year. That might be reasonable in a sense to most, but to me, seems really low.”

“Mainly because I am well over that currently and expect to double before the end of the year if I pull profits like I am considering.”

So far, this girl has absolutely no idea what his salary is. She is only aware that he makes good money, and he has told her that his salary is at least $88,000.

As for where he got that number from, it was from a previous job that he held, so that’s just the number he threw out there.

Since he does make far more than that and far more than the answer this girl gave for what a man would need to make in order to marry him for his money, he’s seriously concerned.

J-Project – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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