She Reported Her Roommate’s Girlfriend For Business Fraud After Her Address Was Listed For A New LLC

Speaking of the LLC’s listed addresses, she even realized that there were two different zip codes listed– both of which were wrong.

The first zip code was one number off from her city; meanwhile, the second zip code was just completely wrong.

So, the incorrect zip codes only set off more alarm bells in her head.

But while talking to her roommate’s girlfriend, Destiny claimed to have only used their home as a temporary address since Destiny apparently planned to move and wanted to file prior to the end of the month for tax purposes.

“However, based on Destiny’s reaction, I can’t help but wonder if she was planning on using the address permanently and is only going to change it because I found out,” she explained.

“Destiny said she changed the address today.”

Still, her other roommates are not okay with Destiny using their address for the business, either. But, right now, Devin and Destiny have been away on vacation– so she has only communicated with them via text.

So, once they return from their trip, she intends to have a conversation with them in person as soon as possible. In the meantime, she decided to file a report with the Secretary of the State Department regarding the false address.

Plus, she even reached out to her landlord to alert him of what happened and fill him in on what action she took to protect herself and her roommates.

She has not yet told her roommate or Destiny about this, though. Instead, she has saved all of the evidence and documents for when they speak in person.

She admitted to knowing that Destiny was a nice girl, too, who might not have had ill intentions. In fact, she thinks Destiny is a sweet girl who might not have even realized that it was a business fraud.

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