She Scrolls Through Dating Profiles And Sends Guys Some Hysterical Messages

She came across one guy named Jake, who is a musician. Jake wrote on his profile that the way to win him over is to buy his candy and attend his shows.
Hannah selected that answer and said, “I won’t be doing that but thank you.”

Hannah has made four of these Hinge videos, and users cannot get enough of them. Many of the comments Hannah receives are from people asking if the guys she sends these crazy messages to ever reply, and she wrote in the caption of her fourth video that they never do.

“I live for these; keep up the good work,” commented a TikTok user on one of Hannah’s videos.

“Laughing so hard,” commented another user. “Definitely in the mood for this.”

Have you ever sent a message like Hannah’s to someone on a dating app?


Replying to @brycekarlenee_ i kinda feel bad about calling wyatt a dork he seems like a nice young man #sorrywyatt #hinge #rizz #tinder #fyp #coloranalysis

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