She Started “Subtly Manipulating” Her Boyfriend Into Giving Her More Attention, And It Actually Worked

At the start of their relationship, she loved how her boyfriend always made it a point to show her off in public and be romantic. So she missed that.

Regardless, when she brought the issue up to her boyfriend, he apparently just refused to hear her out, shut down the discussion, and accused her of being too needy, demanding, and emotional.

That was when she decided to turn to Reddit for some advice. And people online offered her a mixed bag of suggestions.

Some people called her out for being the problem and agreed that she was needy, controlling, insecure, and codependent.

Others told her that she should just talk to her boyfriend, go to therapy, and work on building her self-esteem.

But quite frankly, she thought none of that advice was helpful. And she still felt underappreciated, neglected, and taken for granted by her boyfriend.

Well, that was until she got one more recommendation involving a book. Apparently, the book essentially advised her to lean back and stop putting pressure on the relationship.

“It asked me to purposely be less available and ‘busy’ for my man, said not to call, let him text me, and not reply back immediately,” she explained.

“So I got involved in all sorts of activities that made me feel better about myself, and he got curious at first and wanted my attention.”

And honestly, it made her feel amazing when her boyfriend finally gave her some real attention instead of the “crumbs” of effort that he had put in before.

Throughout this whole process, she claimed she was not passive-aggressive, demanding, or needy, either. Instead, she was actually “sweet as a peach,” which only helped her create a stronger air of mystery.

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