She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Had Nothing To Talk About So They Sat In Silence For 10 Whole Minutes

enginakyurt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever felt like you were carrying the entire conversation on a date that you have been on?

TikTok creator Zoey Sinn (@zoeyxsinn) shares one of her date stories, where she just felt bored for most of the night.

Zoey was on Bumble after a breakup, just having some fun talking to people. She talked to the one guy for a bit, but after moving sort of forgot about the app and ghosted him in the process.

This guy ends up DMing her on Instagram, telling her that she ghosted him on Bumble, and they start to talk to each other again.

They discussed planning to see each other, and he suggests that they go out Friday. She replies, telling him that Friday is not going to work for her, and suggests the following Wednesday instead.

Throughout the next week leading up to the day of the date, they are not really texting very much, and Zoey realizes that the guy is barely talking to her. At this point, she’s feeling pretty confused.

She wonders if she’s being ghosted and if he is just not wanting to go on a date anymore. Zoey ends up texting her guy friend for advice, asking, “Why is this guy wanting to go on a date with me if we haven’t talked for a week? Like I don’t understand.”

On Tuesday, the guy asks if their date is still on for the following day. Still confused, Zoey replied hesitantly that they were. The morning of the date, the guy sends Zoey the details of their plans for the day.

She checks out the link to the R&B event that he wants to take her to, and she starts to get more excited about the day ahead. She starts to think, “Maybe this date won’t be so bad. Maybe he just [is bad] at texting.”

enginakyurt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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